I have over a decade of pedagogical experience in a variety of learning environments: as an instructor of record, a graduate and undergraduate classroom teaching assistant, an experiential educator leading student trips in the U.S. and abroad, a content creator and editor for exceptional educational and media brands, a one-on-one academic tutor, and an informal outdoor educator. I believe that the role of an educator is to teach students how to think by empowering them with the tools to pursue their own curiosity.

Instructor of Record

Graduate Courses

  • Public Policy Process, University of Iowa, PBAF 5120
  • Bureaucratic Politics and Public Administration, University of Iowa, PBAF / POLI 5117
  • Sustainable Communities Lab, University of Iowa, PBAF / URP 6210
    • Project-based capstone course
    • UI Community Engaged Course designation

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bureaucratic Politics and Public Administration, University of Iowa, PBAF / POLI 3117
  • Environment and Society: Sustainability, Policy, & Politics, University of Iowa, PBAF/URP 2020
    • General Education course in Sustainability with Social Sciences
    • Satisfies requirement for the Sustainability Certificate

Teaching Assistant

Graduate Courses

  • Spatial Econometrics, Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, 3H: Summer 2018, 2019, 2020 with Scott J. Cook
  • Advanced Time Series and Spatial Statistics, Texas A&M University, POLS 607: Spring 2019 with Guy D. Whitten and Scott J. Cook

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Political Science Research Methods, Texas A&M University, POLS 209: Fall 2018 with Nehemia Geva
  • Polimetrics, Texas A&M University, POLS 309: Fall 2019 with Casey Crisman-Cox
  • Stata Data Lab, Texas A&M University, January 2020 with Enrique Pinzon, Associate Director Econometrics at Stata

Experiential Educator

International Programs (New York Times Student Journeys)

  • Iceland: Energy and Climate Change at the Arctic Circle (2017)

Domestic Programs (National Geographic Student Expeditions)

  • Georgetown University: Impact Storytelling (Director, 2018)
  • UC Berkeley: Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley (Director, 2018)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Engineering & Robotics (2016, 2017)
  • Hawai’i: Middle School Expedition (2018)

Informal Outdoor Educator

  • Education Intern, Lake George Association (Summer 2008, 2009)

For more information on my work creating and editing educational content, visit the Consulting page.