I have over a decade of pedagogical experience in a variety of learning environments: as an instructor of record, a graduate and undergraduate classroom teaching assistant, an experiential educator leading student trips in the U.S. and abroad, a content creator and editor for exceptional educational and media brands, a one-on-one academic tutor, and an informal outdoor educator. I believe that the role of an educator is to teach students how to think by empowering them with the tools to pursue their own curiosity.

Instructor of Record

Graduate Courses

  • Public Policy Process, University of Iowa, PBAF 5120
  • Bureaucratic Politics and Public Administration, University of Iowa, PBAF / POLI 5117
  • Field Problems in Planning II, University of Iowa, URP 6210
    • Project-based capstone course
    • UI Community Engaged Course designation

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bureaucratic Politics and Public Administration, University of Iowa, PBAF / POLI 3117
  • Environment and Society: Sustainability, Policy, & Politics, University of Iowa, PBAF/URP 2020
    • General Education course in Sustainability with Social Sciences
    • Satisfies requirement for the Sustainability Certificate

Teaching Assistant

I consistently receive positive evaluations from students about my teaching style and practice. I have included my scores and student comments when student evaluations included questions about the TA’s performance.

Graduate Courses

  • Spatial Econometrics, Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis
    3H: Summer 2018, 2019, 2020 with Scott J. Cook
  • Advanced Time Series and Spatial Statistics, Texas A&M University
    POLS 607: Spring 2019 with Guy D. Whitten and Scott J. Cook
    Mean student evaluation: 4.7/5

    I will just list what I’ve experienced. Linking the bridge well between students and professors; providing necessary and useful information and tools which helped me a lot to complete assignments; giving me helpful advice from a student’s viewpoint. She was professional and competent in every aspect as a TA, instructor, and mentor.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Political Science Research Methods, Texas A&M University
    POLS 209: Fall 2018 with Nehemia Geva
  • Polimetrics, Texas A&M University
    POLS 309: Fall 2019 with Casey Crisman-Cox
    Mean student evaluations: 4.5/5

    Sam was the best. I would not have done well in this course without her. Hands down the best TA I’ve ever had. Always willing to help. She should become a professor herself.

    Sam has great knowledge of the subject, she knows how to explain it well, her labs were organized very well and she would go out of her way to meet and answer our questions. 

  • Stata Data Lab, Texas A&M University
    January 2020 with Enrique Pinzon, Associate Director Econometrics at Stata

View some sample teaching materials here.

Academic Tutor, Texas A&M University Athletics Department (Spring 2017 – Fall 2018)

I tutored students one-on-one in the following courses, and was recognized as Tutor of the Week in December 2017 .

  • American National Government (POLS 206)
  • State and Local Government (POLS 207)
  • Introduction to GIS in Urban Planning and Regional Planning (URPN 325)
  • Planet Earth (GEOG 203)
  • Introduction to Political Science Research Methods (POLS 209)
  • Polimetrics (POLS 309)

Experiential Educator

As a Director, I was responsible for coordinating logistics and ensuring the health, safety, and education for 50 students.

International Programs (New York Times Student Journeys)

  • Iceland: Energy and Climate Change at the Arctic Circle (2017)

Domestic Programs (National Geographic Student Expeditions)

  • Georgetown University: Impact Storytelling (Director, 2018)
  • UC Berkeley: Technology & Innovation in Silicon Valley (Director, 2018)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Engineering & Robotics (2016, 2017)
  • Hawai’i: Middle School Expedition (2018)

Informal Outdoor Educator

  • Education Intern, Lake George Association (Summer 2008, 2009)

For more information on my work creating and editing educational content, visit the Consulting page.